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Carol Cassidy's Weaves of Cambodia Rainbow Silk Scarves

Carol Cassidy's <i>Weaves of Cambodia Rainbow Silk Scarves</i>We are very excited to announce that we will now be carrying Carol Cassidy’s Weaves of Cambodia Rainbow Silk Scarves. If there is anyone is who synonymous with the best in Lao textiles it’s Carol Cassidy. Just type in “Lao textiles” in Google and see who is the first person/business listed. is Carol Cassidy, and her gallery in Vientiane is always a must see for anyone interested in Lao textiles.

We’ve known Carol now for about ten years and although these gorgeous silk scarves are woven in Cambodia, not Laos, all the principles we value with Laos Essential Artistry are more than upheld in the weaving and finishing of these beautiful silk scarves.

And more importantly what Carol’s doing with Weaves of Cambodia is a great story, and in acknowledgment of her work in Cambodia she was recently honored on July 18 at the LongHouse Reserve Summer Benefit in East Hampton, New York. What they wrote, in part, about Carol, deserves repeating here:

“We gather to honor Carol Cassidy, an American weaver… who has spent more than a decade in Vientiane, Laos. Carol Cassidy is today the most prominent of the Good Americans continuously working with artisans of the Developing World. She has lived and worked with rural artisans in many parts of the world and for decades now she has lived in Laos working with weavers and dyers in helping revitalizing ancient craft traditions. She has helped increase local pride in these ancient arts and, in doing so, earned recognition and international exchange for this small, remote country.

In recent years she has frequently left Laos to direct a Weaves of Cambodia workshop set up to train amputees who are victims of the hundred thousand land mines still bedeviling this war-torn land. Because these physically challenged people are also discriminated in employment because of their disabilities, their long-term, gainful employment with Weaves of Cambodia creating Carol’s beautifully colored silks is particularly meaningful. Best of all, Carol is a fine designer sympathetic to the people she works with. Year in, year out, she brightens the world with her colors, creativity and compassion.”

The Weaves of Cambodia Rainbow Silk Scarves we are carrying are 100% fine handwoven silk, expertly dyed and finished while upholding fair trade values. Weaves of Cambodia is a silk weaving studio in the jungle region of Preah Vihear, Cambodia that has employees, some who are mine survivors and disabled individuals, that puts a special emphasis on women and their families who produce fine quality silk scarves that are completely environmentally friendly. One of the best things about purchasing Weaves of Cambodia silk is that it supports sustainable village life and fair trade in a reconstructing country.

The Weaves of Cambodia Rainbow Silk Scarves available here at Laos Essential Artistry are the same silk scarves that are sold at Barney’s New York, the Smithsonian Museum's Freer-Sackler Galleries in Washington, the Craft and Folk Art Museum in San Francisco and the Guggenheim Museum in Manhatton.

Check out this link to the Virtuarte page displaying the large size Rainbow Silk Scarf where they have a great photo where you can look at the scarf more in detail. You will see that we sell the same scarf for $20 cheaper!

The photo of the rainbow silk scarves hanging to dry was taken in Cambodia at the Weaves of Cambodia Studio by Ellen Kaplowitz.

Carol Cassidy's Weaves of Cambodia Rainbow Silk Scarves