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Five Seasons Silk Scarves

Five Seasons Silk Scarves We have been working with the Nuaykeo Gallery for years and have come to greatly admire their design expertise and our Five Seasons Silk Scarves Collection is our first collaboration with them. What we imagined when we first talked with them several years ago was a series of different colored silk scarves representing the change in seasons, that were monochromatic, with a design motif traditionally Lao, but subtle. For these scarves we chose a motif of what looks like an eight-pointed star and is a traditional Tai Daeng (Red Tai) design that is usually interpreted as a star or sunflower.

We wanted a series of scarves that could be worn during any season that were both casual and elegant, yet sophisticated, and we couldnít be happier with the way these scarves turned out. And itís here that the limitations of photographing textiles and exhibiting them on a website is tested. Colors can look a little muted on the Internet, depending on the monitor and computer someone is using, so trust us, and our 100% guarantee, you will not be disappointed with the purchase of any of these richly-colored scarves. The craftwomanship of these hand-woven scarves is superb and these scarves can be worn traditionally around the neck, adorned around handbags, arms, waists, head or used as graceful decorative accessory in the home. Itís up to you!

And with our green scarf, you will be able to Go Green in impeccable style! And remember, and what makes these scarves even more amazing, all the colors are naturally dyed using true Lao silk.

Five Seasons Silk Scarves