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LEA Stock Photo Galleries

LEA Stock Photo GalleriesHere at Laos Essential Artistry we probably have one of the largest photo collections taken in Laos, primarily in the north. We have used our photos in a variety of websites we’ve created over the last ten years and have taken the best and organized them into galleries by subject matter that are now posted on Flickr.

Our photos in the galleries are watermarked and if you are interested in obtaining licensing rights to use them, you will need to contact us. Most of the photos are high resolution and the earliest photos date back to 1998 and we recently added photos taken when we were in Laos November 2007 - January 2008.

Our photos have won numerous awards and have been used in a variety of publications. The photo of the two monks looking out of a window on our home page was one of 100 photos selected out of 200,000 for Parade Magazine's Millenium 2000 Photo Contest.

The photo of the monks walking in Luang Prabang, as seen on this page, was used by the University of San Diego in their marketing campaign for promoting a Social Issues Conference.

In our heading for this website you can see we used the same photo of the monks walking in Luang Prabang, combined with an aerial photo of the Mekong River we took on a flight from Vientiane to Luang Prbang and of course a photo of textiles for sale in a gallery.

If there is a specific type of photo you are looking for let us know and we can search our larger and more extensive catalog at home to see if we have a photo that can meet your needs.

Our photos, like the photos of textiles on the website, are in an RGB colorspace and if you have a PC, the colors may be a little muted. Displaying photos on the Internet is very problematic and we’ve looked at changing our photos to a sRGB colorspace for display on the Internet, but even then, the colors seem muted, both on a PC and Mac. So, if we stay in a RGB colorspace at least on a Mac with a good monitor our photos should have the color intensity we intend. If you are using a PC take that into consideration when considering whether any of these photos might meet your need.

As Peter Greenberg, Travel Contributor wrote for the Today Show when Matt Lauer visited Laos on April 30, 2008 as part of his “Where in the World is Matt Lauer” series, "Laos is a true magical mystery tour. Few Americans visit. Fewer understand it. However, more and more savvy travelers are slowly discovering this small country.”

And it’s the savvy photographers who reap the largest rewards. As you can see by browsing through our photo galleries, Laos is a photographer’s paradise and we are open to putting together a tour with a focus on photography. Right now, June and July are the months we are free to travel, and with the beginning of the rainy season and planting rice, it’s a beautiful time to visit.

LEA Stock Photo Galleries