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Nuaykeo Gallery

Nuaykeo GalleryThe Nuaykeo Gallery, located in Huaphan Province is much less well known than textile galleries in Vientiane or Luang Prabang. In fact you could say it operates more or less anonymously (and prefers to remain anonymous) because most of its clients are customers in other Southeast Asian countries whose orders keep them busy year round and most foreigners/tourists have no idea that it exists. But we discovered the gallery over five years ago and have always been impressed with their designs and quality of weaving. Out of the three galleries we feature here at Laos Essential Artistry, Nuaykeo offers the most modern interpretations of Lao motifs and patterns, with Phaeng Mai in the middle offering designs that range from modern/fun interpretations to more traditional designs, and then there’s Taykeo Textile Gallery that prides itself on the revival of traditional textiles which it features almost exclusively.

The name Nuaykeo has special meaning to the Lao. In fact, on May 17, 2008, Huaphan province in the north of Laos hosted an official celebration for the dedication of a city pillar in Xamneua district which represents Nuaykeo, because at the top of the pillar is a multi-colored crystal ball. This crystal ball symbolizes a popular folk song, Xamneua Pennuaykeo , describing Xamneua as being rich in natural beauty and comparing it to a glittering ball, like the one created especially for the province. The song goes on to tell how the people of the province enjoy strong friendships among all ethnic groups, and how in their various colorful costumes they resemble a jeweled ball.

We like to think that inherent in the textiles we carry from Nuaykeo Gallery, and in fact all the textiles we offer, are those resonant connections (threads…) among the varied ethnic groups that have created and nurtured such a vibrant and harmonious weaving tradition connecting the past to the present and into the future...

From Nuaykeo Gallery we are proud to feature our own Five Seasons Silk Scarves Collection. The designs of these scarves are unique and we think will be especially appealing to our American customers. We also carry a line of larger-sized textiles that could be used either for shawls or display.

All are naturally dyed.

Nuaykeo Gallery