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Muang Vaen Indigo and White Cotton Scarves

Muang Vaen Indigo and White Cotton ScarvesThe weavers in Muang Vaen designed these cotton scarves based on traditional patterns often found in blanket designs.

The scarves are woven in continuous supplementary weft technique using indigo dyed hand-spun cotton for both the supplementary yarns and warp. If traditionally used (with a wider warp) these would be doubled (two identical ones sewn down the middle) to make a blanket with a border around the edge to make it even bigger and warmer.

The designs are mostly geometrical: ferns, lantern/lozenges, stars, moons, Chinese key designs, etc.. Sometimes there are lines of naga heads, monkeys, and sometimes ancestor figures, large phii nyaks and saang-hongs, etc.

We like the scarves primarily for the indigo (black) and white designs, which we find mesmerizing and almost hypnotic, and have several displayed in a guest bedroom at home. And although these scarves are not as supple as our Tai Dam cotton scarves, these could definitely be used as scarves or even better, for some kind of display. You can definitely decorate with style when using any of our textiles, including these classic cotton scarves.

And although the body of the scarves is black and white, in some of the scarves (can be seen in image photos) the weavers have woven in simple color designs using discontinuous supplementary weft technique at either end of each scarf.

And for $24 they're a bargain!

Muang Vaen Indigo and White Cotton Scarves