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Old Shaman's Sinh

Old Shaman's Sinh

Item # OSS3

This sinh we bought in Sam Tai in Huaphan Province and were told it was an older "Shaman's Sinh."

Patricia Cheesman writes in her book Lao-thai Textiles: The Textiles of Xam Nuea and Muang Phuan in Chapter 6, Textiles for Women's Ceremonial Dress that "Textiles for ceremonies were made using more silk than everyday textiles and involved more complex designs and techniques, many of which took months to complete... Ceremonial textiles were often never washed, but rather wiped clean if soiled. The occasions for wearing ceremonial textiles were annual festivals, spirit healing and appeasing ceremonies, Buddhist festivals, weddings, house warmings, farewell ceremonies and various rites of passage depending on the beliefs of the people. Textiles played a major role in the healing and spirit appeasing ceremonies of the shamanic groups. Gatherings of all occasions were opportunities for young women to show off their weaving expertise to potential suitors and village elders and for older women to exchange ideas for new designs and techniques. Weaving skills have always been an important sign of a woman's ability to look after a family. The Tai Daeng in the Xam Nuea style throughout their history and continue to weave them to this day.

Old Shaman's Sinh