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Tai Daeng Traditional Silk Blanket Reproduction

Tai Daeng Traditional Silk Blanket ReproductionThe textiles we offer here are reproductions of traditional patterns used as sleeping blankets that have been woven in Sam Tai. The textiles are woven in silk and then attached to a cotton backing. Patricia Cheesman in her book Lao-Tai Textiles: the Textiles of Xm Nuea and Muang Phuan writes that the designs of these blankets are called "phaa hom dork (decorated blanket) and were made in discontinuous supplementary weft technique covering the whole of the decorative panels. All groups in the Xam Nuea region made this blanket except the Tai Dam and Tai Waat. The ground wasa red silk with multi-colored supplementary yarns. Motifs were very varied, but included the full repertoire of the Xam Nuea style with mythical animals, birds, ancestor figures, plants and geometric designs."

The blankets we are offering her are full panel, one woven piece of textile and are not sewn together. The quality of weaving in these textiles is exquisite and very time consuming to weave,and consequently, new blankets of this high quality ar very rare. They are all new and have never been used and would be perfect for a blanket or cover.

When you look at individual blankets, be sure to click on the Additional Images tab as we include a variety of photos with closeups of different motifs, etc.

Tai Daeng Traditional Silk Blanket Reproduction