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Want to be a Partner of Laos Essential Artistry?

Want to be a Partner of Laos Essential Artistry?Laos Essential Artistry has been in business for six years, but we've remained mostly anonymous by primarily promoting and selling our textiles and handicrafts at selected festivals and events here in northern California. We’ve thought of opening a gallery, but the costs are fairly prohibitive and the prospective consumers interested in what we would be selling in a small geographic region means the chances of being successful would be slim or none at all.

So for the last two years we’ve slowly been working on this website, deciding how best to develop an online business that will both be commercially successful and informative. It’s not easy, because the education component is important to us and it is our intent to have customers learn something about what they’re buying, the artisan who created the product and where it came from. Rather than distract the potential customer, it is our intent that our website's informative design will inspire customers to make a purchase.

We feel really good about the website as it has evolved and we know that there have to be other interested Lao businesses who are looking to connect with American consumers. There is not, and we repeat, there is not a website like ours, with a focus on Laos, that is a Yahoo! Store with a customer-friendly shopping cart that accepts credit cards using a merchant account. Right now we're set up to ship anywhere in the United States.

To be a Lao Partner can mean many things. It could be as simple as a sharing of links to selling your products through our website. It could be highlighting events or services in Laos, or creating a page that will promote a business or service in Laos.

Our blog, incorporated in this website will be an essential component of the marketing of products on our site. In our blog we can highlight our Lao Partners, and our posts can contain copy that you've written, or we could do the writing. We also plan to include excerpts from books that pertain to Lao textiles. The blog can also include photos or video which can help create that special interest in a product or service.

If you are interested, you can email us at or call (916) 283-4424.

Want to be a Partner of Laos Essential Artistry?