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Welcome to the Laos Essential Artistry website.

Laos is our passion and we are proud to feature some of the finest in Lao silk textiles and handicrafts. All our textiles are hand-woven or hand-embroidered and reflect artisan excellence, coming from weavers, artists, and galleries where we have taken the time to establish personal, professional and principled relationships.

At Laos Essential Artistry we understand that the quality of a textile is dependent on the structure of the weave and not just the visual appearance of its fibers, and we like to think that all the weavers, artisans and galleries that we represent, “the individual yarns and varying patterns,” are woven together cohesively and meaningfully in our website in a way that allow you to develop more of a deep understanding and appreciation of these incredibly talented weavers and artisans in Laos.

We believe strongly in fair trade principles and especially the importance of developing henjhai, the ability of seeing into the heart, and we encourage you to read more about the Laos Essential Artistry fair trade philosophy on our FAQ page. Our lives as educators and artists are all about making connections, and in the spirit of giving back to Laos, five percent of our profits go to support the important literacy efforts of Big Brother Mouse. As Oprah Winfrey said in her commencement address to Stanford graduates (June 2008) "Life is a reciprocal exchange. To move forward you have to give back." We couldn't agree more.

And we invite you to take your time and browse through our website. Our textiles range from simple and supple Tai Dam cotton scarves from Muang Sing to intricate and sophisticated silk masterpieces from Taykeo Textile Gallery. Here at Laos Essential Artistry you can also browse through a gallery of canvas paintings by Khamla Panyasith (we love the Dok Champa/Sandlewood flower series), check out some of our award-winning photo galleries (licensing rights available) or learn more about Laos and tours to Laos.

We also urge you to check out our BLOG where we share photos, stories and opinions on all things Laos, with a focus on Laos textiles. And if you subscribe to our newsletter we will keep you informed on Lao textile news, updates to our website and any specials we might be offering. And as always, we value your opinion and feedback about our website and are always looking at ways of improving our display of textiles and how we can better promote Lao weavers and artisans.

We have also begun doing more custom orders for sinhs and you can read more about the process in our blog post here.

Exquisite Nagas and Birds Silk Scarves

Carol Cassidy's Weaves of Cambodia
Rainbow Scarves

Five Seasons Silk Scarves Collection

Hmong Multi-ethnic Storycloths
Hmong Storycloths and
Hmong Spirit-People Cloths

At Laos Essential Artistry we are proud to feature Storycloths and Spirit-People Cloths hand-embroidered and hand-appliquéd by Hmong women’s cooperatives both in Vientiane and Muang Sing. In the book Peoples of the Golden Triangle, the authors, Paul and Elaine Lewis write, “A tiny needle, strands of bright thread, lengths of vari-colored cloth, and the genius of a Hmong woman – these are the ingredients of some of the most exquisite needlework to be found anywhere.” And now available through Laos Essential Artistry!
Dok Champa - Featuring
Lao paintings by Khamla

We first became aware of Khamla when we saw his illustrations used in the book Animals of Africa published by Big Brother Mouse. It was then after we saw several of his paintings in galleries and in the homes of friends in Vientiane that we decided to contact him and see if we could commission a series of paintings that we could offer through our website. Although at Laos Essential Artistry our focus is on handwoven textiles, as we state in our Welcome, Laos is our passion, and Khamla’s paintings capture an essence of Laos that we feel perfectly complements the beauty and artistry of the textiles we carry.
Laos Photo Collection

Our photos taken in Laos have been used in numerous publications and won several prestigious awards.
Tours to Laos

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